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3052 SGST 06-2020-Integrated Tax-dt-15.10.2020 Seeks to notify the number of HSN digits required on tax invoice
3053 SGST 05-2020-Integrated Tax-dt-24-06-2020 Seeks to provide relief by lowering of interest rate for a prescribed time for tax periods from February, 2020 to July, 2020.
3054 SGST 04-2020-Integrated Tax-dt-24-06-2020 Seeks to bring into force Section 134 of Finance Act, 2020 in order to bring amendment to Section 25 of IGST Act w.e.f. 30.06.2020.
3055 SGST 03-2020-Integrated Tax-dt-08-04-2020 Seeks to provide relief by conditional lowering of interest rate for tax periods of February, 2020 to April, 2020.
3056 SGST 02-2020-Integrated Tax-dt-26-02-2020 Seeks to amend Notification No. 4/2019-Integrated Tax dt. 30.09.2019 to change the place of supply for B2B MRO services to the location of the recipient.
3057 SGST 01-2020-Integrated Tax-dt-01-01-2020 Seeks to bring into force certain provisions of the Finance (No. 2) Act, 2019 to amend the IGST Act, 2017.
3058 SGST 04-2019-Integrated Tax-dt-30-09-2019 Seeks to notify the place of supply of R&D services related to pharmaceutical sector as per Section 13(13) of IGST Act, as recommended by GST Council in its 37th meeting held on 20.09.2019.
3059 SGST 03-2019-Integrated Tax-dt-29-01-201 Seeks to amend notification No. 10/2017-Integrated Tax dated 13.10.2017 in view of bringing into effect the amendments (to align Special Category States with the explanation in section 22 of CGST Act, 2017) in the GST Acts
3061 SGST 01-2019-Integrated Tax-dt-29-01-2019 Seeks to bring into force the IGST (Amendment) Act, 2018
3062 SGST 04-2018-Integrated Tax-dt-22-10-2018 Seeks to amend the IGST Rules, 2017 so as to notify the rules for determination of place of supply in case of inter-State supply under sections 10(2), 12(3), 12(7), 12(11) and 13(7) of the IGST Act, 2017.
3063 SGST 03-2018-Integrated Tax-dt-22-10-2018 Seeks to supersede Notification No.8/2017 – Integrated Tax, dated 14.09.2017
3064 SGST 02-2018-Integrated Tax-dt-20-09-2018 Seeks to notify the rate of tax collection at source (TCS) to be collected by every electronic commerce operator for inter-State taxable supplies
3065 SGST 01-2018-Integrated Tax-dt-23-01-2018 Amendment of notification No. 11/2017-Integrated Tax dated 13.10.2017 for cross-empowerment of State tax officers for processing and grant of refund
3066 SGST 12-2017-Integrated Tax-dt-15-11-2017 Apportionment of IGST with respect to advertisement services under section 12 (14) of the IGST Act, 2017.
3067 SGST 11-2017-Integrated Tax-dt-13-10-2017 Seeks to cross-empower State Tax officers for processing and grant of refund

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