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9 Income Tax 91-2020-Central Tax dated 14-12-2020 Seeks to extend the due dates for compliances and actions in respect of anti-profiteering measures under GST till 31.03.2021.
2018 Income Tax 35-2019-Central Tax-dt-29-07-2019 Seeks to extend the last date for furnishing FORM GST CMP-08 for the quarter April -June 2019 till 31.08.2019
2060 Income Tax 71-2018-Central Tax-dt-31-12-2018 Seeks to extend the time limit for furnishing the details of outward supplies in FORM GSTR-1 for the newly migrated taxpayers.
2090 Income Tax 41-2018-Central Tax-dt-04-09-2018 Seeks to waive the late fee paid for specified classes of taxpayers for FORM GSTR-3B, FORM GSTR-4 and FORM GSTR-6
4052 Income Tax Notification No 27-2021-F No 370142-33-2020-TPL Notification No. 27/2021 dated 31st March, 2021
4053 Income Tax Notification No 26-2021-F No 370142-33-2020-TPL Notification No- 26-2021 dated 31st March 2021
4054 Income Tax Notification No- 25-2021-F No 187-3-2020-ITA-I Notification No 25-2021 Dated 31 March 2021
4055 Income Tax Notification No 23-2021-F No 187-3-2020-ITA-I Notification-No-23-2021 Dated-March 31
4056 Income Tax Notification No 22-2021-F No 187-3-2020-ITA-I Notification-No-22-2021 Dated 31 March
4057 Income Tax Notification No. 21-2021-F No 370142-5-2021-TPL Notification-No.-21-2021-F Dated 31 March
4058 Income Tax Notification No 20-2021-F No 370142-35-2020-TPL Notification-No-20-2021 Dated 31 March
4059 Income Tax Notification No 19-2021- F No 370142-4-2021-TPL Notification-No-19-2021 Dated 31 March
4060 Income Tax Notification No 18-2021 F No 370142-24-2019-TPL Notification-No-18-2021 31 March
5052 Income Tax Notification No 17- 2021-F No 279 Notification-No-17-2021 Dated 16 March
5053 Income Tax Notification No 16-2021 F No 370142-03-2021 Notification-No-16-2021 Dated 12 March

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